Falcon 2000S

The best figures in the business

Simply the best in class The Falcon 2000S outperforms the competition on virtually every level of performance, flexibility, agility, and economy. This exceptional aircraft combines the power and discipline of a fighter jet with four decades of business jet leadership.

External dimensions

Lenght  :   20.2 m

Height :     7.1 m

Wing span: 21.4 m




Maximum takeoff weight:    18,598 kg

Maximum zero fuel weight:          13,472 kg

Maximum fuel:                   6,622 kg

Maximum landing weight:    17,827 kg




Internal dimensions

Cabin length (excluding cockpit and baggage):       7.98 m

Maximum width:2.34 m

Maximum headroom: 1.88 m

Cabin volume (excluding cockpit and baggage) : 29 m3





Manufacturer P& W Canada

Nbr/Type 2 x PW308C

SL-ISA Thrust 31.14 kN

Flat rated to ISA+15°C