Falcon 2000S

EASy II: Business aviation’s most advanced flight deck

In 2003, Dassault Falcon introduced the EASy flight deck. This revolutionary cockpit, designed with the military Man-to-Machine expertise of Dassault’s engineers, was a major breakthrough that dramatically improved situational awareness and decreased pilot workload and stress. EASy II is the next major upgrade. Built on the latest technological developments and operator feedback, EASy II further improves situational awareness, safety and efficiency.

Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C Engines: Proven performance and reliability

The Falcon 2000S is equipped with two powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C engines. Rated at 7,000 lb of thrust each (at IAS + 15°C), they deliver superb performance under extreme conditions and are exceptionally durable. They also offer fewer emissions, reduced fuel consumption and lower operating costs.