Falcon 7X

The Falcon 7X benefits from the intuitive EASy flight-deck technology developed for the Falcon 900EX and the Falcon 2000EX and incorporated into the Falcon 900DX and falcon 2000DX.
Designed in conjunction with Honeywell, the system displays information on four 14.1-inch, flat-panel screens. The EASy flight deck allows pilots to make “heads up” data entry using a cursor control device (CCD) and menu-driven selections. By limiting the time spent punching numbers into a flight management system, the chance for input errors is reduced.
The falcon 7X flight deck is the result of extensive input from pilots, aviation authorities and safety experts. It is designed to simplify flight management tasks, improve crew coordination and provide unsurpassed situational awareness all times.
Digital Flight Control System: generations of fighter experience benefit the Falcon 7X
The Falcon 7X will be the first business jet with a Digital Flight Control System; conferring a range of benefits, such as precise flight path control, automatic trim adjustment during configuration changes, and basic autopilot functions through the cockpit’s side-stick controller for setting heading and attitude.

Pilots will be able to extract maximum aircraft performance (maximum angle-of-attack, for example) in instances such as wind shear encounters or collisions avoidance maneuvers, without concern for overstressing the aircraft or stalling.