Falcon 6X

Advanced Digital Flight Control System

Like the 7X, the Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) in the 6X provides flight envelope protection to avoid inadvertently exceeding structural speed limits and stalls. Because of these protections, pilots can command maximum performance quickly and decisively without exceeding tolerances. Hazardous situations such as wind sheer, sudden traffic avoidance maneuvers and traffic pattern go-arounds become far easier and safer to manage.

Hand flying a Falcon equipped with a DFCS imposes a much smaller workload on the pilot. For example, the system automatically trims the aircraft; no pilot action is required. Non fly-by-wire aircraft, and even some aircraft with fly-by-wire, require frequent manual trim adjustment when hand flying, adding to pilot workload.

Every curve has a purpose

The Falcon 6X is the beautiful marriage of a wide-body cabin with an all-new, fast and ultra-efficient wing. The 6X wing has a moderately swept leading edge (33 degrees) and an innovative curved trailing edge. Its winglets are unique, designed to perfectly integrate with the wing. Constant and subtle wing contour changes control airflow at high speeds.

The result is the highest lift/drag ratio of any Falcon wing, a key for improving fuel efficiency. The 6X wing has high buffet margins at high altitude and high cruise speeds, improving speed and safety.

Today's engine meets tomorrow's requirements

The Falcon 6X and the Silvercrest engine were developed in tandem, with Safran’s Snecma propulsion division designing the engine to Dassault’s unique requirements. The aerodynamic refinements of the 6X, paired with the Silvercrest engine, yield remarkable performance and efficiency.

Its robust design draws on Snecma’s decades of experience with the most widely used airliner engine, the CFM56. The Silvercrest engine’s advanced aerodynamics, metallurgy and computer controls make it the most efficient and powerful engine for its size.




The flight deck - The pilot's office

Pilots of modern Falcons will quickly be at home on the 6X flight deck, with its intuitive EASy avionics architecture. The 6X will be equipped with 3rd generation EASy, a future derivative of Dassault's Award Winning avionics suite. The flight deck is bigger and more comfortable. Its design reflects input and requests from current Falcon operators — for example, increased automation to more rapidly power up and power down the aircraft.

Four large windows provide exceptional visibility, including wide-angle visibility to check wingtip clearance while taxiing. The glare shield is even shaped to give pilots an expanded field of view.

Crew seats are larger and more comfortable, with more legroom. Seats are easily aligned for a perfect visual perspective. Pilots of any size will feel they are sitting in the perfect position.

Your support network

The Falcon 6X establishes a new benchmark for on-board maintenance monitoring capability. Where previous Falcons have onboard diagnostics to monitor hundreds of parameters, the 6X system connects to all onboard computers and monitors approximately 10,000, all in real-time.

The 6X is the first Falcon to incorporate a real-time maintenance monitoring system, which constantly transmits maintenance status to Dassault Customer Service on the ground. Flight departments are immediately notified of an in-flight maintenance issue so that ground support can be put into motion quickly, even before the plane has landed. Moreover, this new data collection system permits fleet-wide trend analysis to further improve reliability.

Peace of mind with SilverCare: the Silvercrest service

Robust design allows for on-condition (rather than periodic) inspection. On-condition maintenance is common on commercial airliners, but the Silvercrest engine is the first business aviation engine without required overhaul intervals. Because maintenance is “on-condition,” operators may never have occasion to remove an engine for overhaul.

The Silvercrest SilverCare service plan makes engine support costs entirely predictable and enhances resale value.

Snecma today supports more than 25,000 commercial engines around the world, including more than 100 airliner aircraft operated as business jets, through existing field infrastructure and technical support.

A dedicated worldwide support network, separate from airline support operations, will support Silvercrest operators.