Falcon 6X

A cabin built around your sense of wellbeing

The 6X cabin will redefine your air travel experience. You have more personal space to sit or stand. The spacious cabin is designed to provide areas for privacy and relaxation as well as common areas where teams can meet and confer. The cabin of the 6X will help you accomplish more.

Never feel crowded

A matter of inches makes a surprisingly large difference in your overall comfort. Absolute floor-to-ceiling height is simply the tallest in a purpose-built business jet — an unprecedented six-feet, six-inches. With a completed interior, six foot, four inch CEOs will stand tall and proud. And everyone aboard will appreciate the sense of added space.

The 102-inch-wide cross section – among the largest in business aviation – gives you more elbow room, more aisle space, a larger galley and deeper, more comfortable divans.

With so much space, the 6X cabin is, without a doubt, the most comfortable in the long-range segment.

There’s more to comfort than meets the eye

At a cruise altitude of 41,000 feet, cabin altitude in the 6X is just 3,900 feet – a much more comfortable environment for your body where you receive more oxygen. That’s one reason you feel so much better at the end of a long flight.

Dassault’s unique cabin air filtration and circulation system keeps you breathing easier, and getting more fresh air in your lungs. Cabin air is fully refreshed in as little as two to three minutes.

Sound levels are the same as the Falcon 7X, known to be the best on the market, and eight decibels below the level of normal conversation. You won’t have to raise your voice to be heard in flight.

The wireless cabin

In a wireless world, the 6X cabin will make you feel right at home. It includes options for viewing entertainment content and news on iPads, and streaming content from tablets to cabin monitors. The 6X will offer the latest generation of the popular FalconCabin HD+ cabin management system, including its Skybox media server with a vast iTunes video and music library. Our iPhone app even allows you to control lighting, volume level and entertainment options, right from the palm of your hand.

The benefits of natural light

Increased natural light does more than improve the view. It elevates your mood and enlarges your perspective. The 30 large, expansive windows of the 6X provide unbeatable luminosity.

The Sun. The Moon. The Stars.

The Falcon 6X offers an unprecedented direct view of the sky overhead through its skylight ceiling window.This unique window on the sky transforms your perception of space while providing natural light from above.