Falcon 8X

How we measure success

Every inch, every centimeter of the new Falcon 8X is designed to enhance your travel experience. From longer range to a longer, more comfortable cabin, we measure our success by what we contribute to yours.

External dimensions

Length: 24.46 m

Height: 7.94 m

Wing span: 26.29 m


Internal dimensions

Cabin length (excluding cockpit and baggage): 13 m

Maximum headroom: 1.88 m

Maximum width: 2.34 m

Cabin volume (excluding cockpit and baggage): 48 m3



Maximum takeoff weight: 33,113 kg

Maximum zero fuel weight: 18,598 kg

Maximum fuel: 15,830 kg

Maximum landing weight: 28,304 kg



Manufacturer: P&W Canada

Nbr/Type: 3 x PW307D

SL-ISA Thrust: 29.9 kN

Flat rated to: ISA+17°C