Kısa açıklama


If you want your name to stand out above the crowd the answer is a helium-filled blimp.

Floating in the air, perhaps 200 feet (60 metres) above the ground, a Cameron blimp gives instant visual indication of the location of your business – it’s immediately below at the end of the tether line!

A wide variety of body and fin colour combinations are available and blimp can be permanently art worked on both sides to clearly identify your company name, address and phone number. Or, if fitted with removable banners, it can be promote “This Week’s Special Offer”.

The different models available from Cameron provide not only a variety of artwork/banner options but also – with larger sizes – the opportunity to hang pennants and flags from the tether line.

The aerodynamic shape of blimps, similar to that of an airship, helps them remain stable in windy conditions; so stable that they can be used as platforms for remotely controlled television cameras or other imaging/radar systems.

Alternatively, helium-filled spheres, produced in four standard sizes and to special order, are also available. These can be permanently art worked or the art work can be on removable banners.

In free flight, helium filled spheres can be used to carry various instrument packages or radiosondes. Cameron-built combination helium/air-filled spheres on short multiple tethers have been employed successfully as large outdoor screens for the projection of laser images.

Or why not have a special shape helium filled blimp to promote your product?