Kısa açıklama


Many of the fabric based products we produce are “one offs”, and we solve unusual problems for a wide range of companies and governmental organizations.

Our helium filled light tubes have illuminated film sets such as Harry Potter. Inflatable radomes protect sensitive portable communications equipment. Air filled packaging has been designed to protect satellites in transit to a launch site. Man-carrying transparent bubbles have been used in the opening ceremonies of major international events. Our cold-air filled merchandising kiosk are popular with marketing savvy companies. We can even build inflated stage sets or exhibition stands to your design and have even provided attractive baffles walls to mask unattractive rubble filled building site.

Product do not have to be air or gas filled. We have built changing rooms that disappear in to a ceiling when not in use, exhibition centre pieces and protective baffles for use on oil rigs.

If your requirement is innovative and can be made from woven or non-woven materials, then you need talk to Cameron.