Kısa açıklama


What do you call an advertisement that stands up to 20 feet (or more) in height, carries colorful and eye-catching artwork, is internally illuminated, can be spherical, balloon-shaped, or designed to represent a product or its packaging, will sit happily at ground level or on a flat roof, pack away into the boot of a car after use, and costs very lite to buy and operate?

Advertising inflatable is the usual name. We think they should be called The Most Cost-Effective Advertising Medium Available.

Advertising inflatables are made from lightweight nylon fabric and are pressurized by a small built-in fan unit that is electrically powered from the mains or generator.

They are particularly at home on the roof of a filling station, fast food outlet, supermarket or similar building where their message can be seen clearly above most obstructions – especially at night illuminated.

Their unique advantage is the ability to provide a large advertising space that packs neatly away when not is use. And that also means portability – an invaluable and cost – saving asset with multi - location promotions. You will also find them selling to passers – by in shopping malls and car parks, inside supermarkets and exhibition halls.

Spheres, cube, bottles, cans, vehicles, houses – advertising inflatables can be almost any shape, size and colour. There is even a mini inflatable, ideal for indoor use, that packs away into a plastic container no bigger than a bucket!